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    1. Corporate mission: 

    never stop innovating and improving, and provide the best standard power products and services.Create employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, shareholder satisfaction.


    PQCDSR (product, quality, price, delivery date, service, relationship)

    "Three satisfactions" constitute the main interest chain of enterprise operation. The interests of the three parties are unified and mutually conditional and inseparable.

    Employee satisfaction is the cornerstone: 

    employees are the starting point of enterprise value chain. When employees are satisfied, enterprises can provide products and services that satisfy customers, external competitiveness and internal equity.

    Customer satisfaction is the core: 

    when customers are satisfied, enterprises can have a market and make profits.

    Shareholder satisfaction is the goal: 

    when the enterprise is profitable, it can provide returns to shareholders, shareholders are satisfied, and more funds are invested to develop the enterprise, so the cycle goes on and on.

    2. Enterprise vision: 

    to become a respected power supply manufacturer in the world, and build a happy enterprise with sustainable management and common growth。

    To rely on employees and respect employees to win their loyalty and respect for the enterprise;To win the respect of customers with first-class quality and excellent service;To win the respect of the peers with leading technology and performance;Take the cause of environmental protection as your duty, and have the courage to bear social responsibility and win the respect of the society.

    3. Core values: 

    diligence, tenacity, responsibility and innovation.


    study hard, think hard, study hard, practice hard, Take the goal as the direction, recognize the truth, down-to-earth, do everything well, don't afraid of hardship and fatigue.


    perseverance, determination, courage to take on difficult tasks based on goals, perseverance and determination. 


    I love my job, do my duty conscientiously, adhere to principles, have the courage to take responsibility and shoulder the heavy responsibility of developing the enterprise. 


    good at summarizing, thinking, innovation and innovation

    4. Enterprise objective: 

    to benefit employees, develop enterprises and contribute to society

    Benefit employees: 

    stick to people first.Through caring employees, understanding employees, respect for employees, motivate employees, benefits for the employees, provide and create a realization of self-worth platform, so as to inspire and mobilize the initiative, enthusiasm and creativity of employees.

    Enterprise development:

    enterprise development is the goal.Scientific and sustainable development of enterprises to provide every employee life survival safeguard, to provide staff to better realize the value of life stage, to the employee's individual development to promote the scientific development of the enterprise.

    Contribution to the society: 

    the development of enterprises is the most practical contribution to the society. The company has always been committed to the cause of environmental protection.

    5. Core competitiveness: 

    product specialization, standardized management, fast and efficient service


    industry leading professional product research and development team, 20 years of dedicated research and development manufacturing, stability in the industry leading power products.


    based on a customer-oriented, simplified, concise, efficient and unique ERP process operation system.It is supported by a set of consistent incentive mechanisms and cultural systems that have been practiced and continuously optimized for 20 years, and keeps the market competitive at all times.

    Fast and efficient: 

    think what customers want, urgent customers want, quick response, quick action, high efficiency, perfect results.

    6. Talent concept: 

    both inside and outside, open and inclusive

    It mainly focuses on internal training, moderately introduces it to the outside, USES it according to its advantages, USES it according to its strengths, and is open and inclusive

    7. Business philosophy: 

    create value, win-win cooperation and sustainable development

    Create value: 

    create value independently, lean management, technological innovation, seek potential and increase efficiency, create value for employees, create value for enterprises, create value for partners, and create value for the society.

    Win-win cooperation: 

    establish strategic partnership with customers and suppliers, cooperate sincerely with all relevant sectors, form a stable and healthy community of interests, advance hand in hand and develop together.

    Sustainable development: 

    the company is committed to the production of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and safe power products, for the cause of green environmental protection to do the responsibility and contribution.

    8. Team style: 

    unity, pragmatism, integrity, responsibility 


    unity is strength.Capacity, capacity, capacity, the whole heart, sincere cooperation. 


    practical, realistic, honest, practical, pragmatic and pragmatic. 


    treat each other with sincerity, intersect with faith, keep promise, speak and act. 


    abandon individual gain and loss view, emphasize sense of responsibility.No prevarication, no bullshit, sense of responsibility, dare to take responsibility, can take responsibility.

    9. Innovation concept: 

    make the conventional to the extreme, make the innovation to the conventional Accumulates the drip, the routine work achieves the best;Dare to change and make "innovation" the norm

    10. Quality concept, quality oath, environment concept:

    Quality concept: 

    regard quality as life, constantly pursue perfection, regard product quality as the sign of their integrity, the life of the enterprise.Firmly establish the consciousness of "quality first, customer first", treat product quality with the purpose of meeting customer needs, keep improving;

    Quality oath: 

    quality is the life of an enterprise.Quality is the symbol of enterprise integrity;Quality is the weapon for enterprises to expand the market.Quality is the best way to improve the economic benefit of enterprises.Quality is the result of the cooperation and joint efforts of all members.In order to ensure the quality and steady development of the company, I pledge as follows:

    Abide by the principle of customer satisfaction and prevent the inflow of defective products into the next process;

    In accordance with the principle of prevention as the main principle, to prevent the inflow of defective products into our process;

    To observe the principle of speaking with data and carefully record all bad situations;

    To abide by the PDCA cycle working principle and strictly comply with the process operation standard.

    Environmental philosophy: 

    prevention of pollution, environmental protection;Comply with laws and regulations and develop in harmony

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